Synca Kurodo Massage Chair


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Synca Kurodo Massage Chair

The Synca Kurodo massage chair is a true executive-level commercial massage chair. The performance and quality of the back massage is without equal, the Kurodo is in a category of its own and superior to every massage chair you’ve ever tried in the mall or airport. The precision of the Hitachi-made massage robot, the quality of the Japanese massage technique, and the therapeutic deep tissue massage surpass all other commercial massage chairs on the market.

Synca Kurodo Massage Chair

Synca Kurodo Features

Synca Kurodo Commercial Massage Chair

Executive Level Commercial Massage Chair

The Kurodo by Synca Wellness is designed for usage in a premium commercial setting such as a commercial fitness facility (gym), vertical luxury housing (condo/apartment), office, business, call center, or employee breakroom. If you were thinking your facility should have a massage chair, look no further, you’ve found the best.

Synca Kurodo Made in Japan

Made in Japan

The Synca Kurodo massage chair is designed by engineers in Osaka, Japan, and manufactured outside of Tokyo in conjunction with the company that invented massage chairs in 1954. With key components manufactured by Hitachi and master upholstering done by the supplier to Nissan, you know you’re getting a chair made with the best materials by the best craftsmen in Japan.

Synca Kurodo 4D Massage

4D Commercial Grade Massage Robot

The Hitachi-made massage robot of the Synca Kurodo delivers an incredible human-like massage with commercial-grade durability. The 4D mechanism can extend out 5” for a true deep tissue massage with 4 adjustment levels.

Synca Kurodo Body Scan

Double Detecting Body Scan

The Synca Kurodo massage chair is equipped with two body sensors that conduct a complete body scan. This allows for an optimized, personalized massage every time. You’ll get just the right depth and consistent pressure every time you sit in the chair.

Synca Kurodo S-Track


The 4D massage robot of the Kurodo follows a track that is shaped like an S and is more contoured to match the shape of your spine better. The track makes sure the massage heads can reach from the base of your head all the way down to your tailbone.

Synca Kurodo Air Compression Massage

Enhanced Air Compression System

The Synca Kurodo massage chair uses exclusive “flow adjustment” technology to allow for both high-instant bursts and slow changes in speeds. The powerful airbags give you unprecedented flexibility in controlling the compression and release of pressure. 28 Commercial Grade Compression Air Cells cover the entire body to relieve fatigue with concentrated areas of focus around the shoulder, arm, waist, calves, and feet. Adjust the strength of the massage independently in the upper and lower areas.

Synca Kurodo Automatic Programs

4 Automatic Programs

17 massage techniques are utilized across 4 automatic programs, Wholebody, Shoulder, Waist, and Stretch. You can also use manual programs for more targeted massages and stretches.

Synca Kurodo Commercial Grade Synthetic Leather

Commercial Grade Synthetic Leather

The Synca Kurodo is a true commercial massage chair wrapped in commercial-grade synthetic leather designed to handle prolonged high-level usage continuous usage without tearing. The exposed breathable fabrics have been removed wherever possible in order to provide cleanable more hygienic surfaces.

Synca Kurodo Remote Control

Remote Control

The simple and easy-to-use remote control of the Synca Kurodo massage chair makes use as easy as hitting the power button but leaving just enough user controls for anyone to optimize the massage for their own needs.


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Synca Kurodo Massage Chair