Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair


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Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair

The Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair brings a Japanese “Shibui” design into your home. The “Shibui” design is subtly beautiful without being flashy. Its modern furniture-like design hides many features like long rail deep tissue robotic massage technology inside in a tastefully designed exterior. It’s simple to control using the wireless remote, so you can sit and relax while getting a massage or just watching TV. The CirC Plus lets you enjoy all the benefits of an oversized massage chair in an elegant piece of furniture.

Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair

Synca CirC Plus Features

Synca CirC Plus L-track

Long SL Track Rail

Using a 45.5″ long rail SL Track massage system, you will get a deeper massage and more coverage than with the Synca CirC Plus massage chair than S-Track type massage chairs.

Synca CirC Plus Quad Style Rollers

Quad Style Massage Roller

The Synca CirC Plus doesn’t cut any corners and uses the same massage mechanism that you will find in many other massage chairs at a higher price. The quad-style massage roller delivers a therapeutic massage with superior coverage and quality.

Synca CirC Plus Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity is neutral when you are reclined, so your back and legs are slightly elevated, leaving your knees positioned slightly above your heart. The Zero Gravity position cradles the body and supports the spine reducing pressure on the disks in the back, allowing them to relax and decompress.

Synca CirC Plus Programs

Automatic Program

The Synca CirC Plus massage offers 3 automatic programs utilizing tapping, rubbing, and tapping/rubbing massage to deliver a therapeutic massage where you need it.

  • Energize – Deep-tissue massage designed to work out firm knots in the muscles.
  • Relax – Smooth yet firm relaxing massage, great for relaxing.
  • Sleep – Gentle and calming massaging ideal for an end of the day treat.
Synca CirC Plus Targeted Massage

Targeted Massage

With the manual programs, target a massage right where you need it for extra relief. Target the Neck and Shoulder, Waist / Lumbar, Buttocks / Sciatic, Backstretch, and a ZG Cycle for a Neutral Posture Relief.

Synca CirC Plus Neck and Shoulder

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Deep, circular kneading movements reduce muscle tension and stiffness

Synca CirC Plus Full Back Massage

Full Back Massage

Rolling movement provide traction along the spine, loosening hard-to-reach muscles.

Synca CirC Plus Glute Massage

Glute Massage

The deep, circular kneading and rolling movements provide massage coverage throughout the lower back and glutes helping loosen muscles while providing relief along the Sciatic nerve.

Synca CirC Plus Space Saving

Space Saving Technology

The Synca CirC Plus massage chair requires under 6inches of space behind the chair when fully reclined. As a result, you can put your massage chair anywhere in your house without worrying about it hitting the wall as it reclines backs.

Synca CirC Plus Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The therapeutic heat is delivered to the lower back and the back of the legs. So, if you are sitting back relaxing or watching TV if your Synca CirC Plus, you can enjoy the soothing warmth.

Synca CirC Plus Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control

The button style remote of the Synca CirC Plus massage chair is very easy to use. There aren’t any cords dangling everywhere, simple, clean, elegant.

Synca CirC Plus Sensors

Movement Detection Sensor

A sensor embedded in the back of the chair helps keep your loved ones safe. The sensor could detect and halt the chair’s recline even if you forgot to check.

Synca CirC Plus Easy to Move

Easy to Move

Just tilt and roll, the CirC plus will easily glide into whatever room you want it, so your home looks just the way you want it, and you can enjoy massage wherever you’d like.


Beige, Espresso, Gray


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Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair