Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage Chair


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Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage Chair

The luxurious, LED lit Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D massage chair looks great and is equipped with high-end features. Features include the humanistic 4D massage roller that extends from your neck to your glutes. The zero gravity recline spreads the effects of gravity across your body to relieve tension in your joints and help to decompress your spine. Heat is located on your back, chest, and knees. In addition, a calf massage kneads the sides, and a roller on the back of your calf to relieves tension. Find out more about what makes the OS-Highpointe 4D a massage chair you need in your home.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage Chair


Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage

4D Massage Mechanism

The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D utilizes the latest in technologies. The state-of-the-art quad-style 4D massage mechanism is one of the most lifelike massages available. With five levels of depth to choose from, you can have a light to a deep tissue massage depending on your daily needs. There are also five speed and three width adjustments.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D SL-Track


The 4D massage mechanism of the Highpointe travels on a track. The track allows the massage roller to start at the next and then extend down your back and the wrap underneath your glute to your upper hamstrings. The SL-Track is excellent for people with hip issues or sciatic pain.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity Recline

The zero gravity position reclines the chair while raising the legrest. This helps to distribute the force of gravity along your entire body, relieve joint pain, and help decompress your spine. Choose from 2 positions along with sleep mode, in which the chair will stay in the recline position so you can sleep in peace after the program has finished. As the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D massage chair reclines, it only needs to be placed less than 1 inch from the wall.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Compression Massage

Air Compression Massage

The 44 aircells complement the massage roller for a full-body massage. The airbags inflate and deflate, causing a compression that helps to relieve tension throughout your body. The aircells are located at the shoulders, arms, hands, waist, seat, hips, calves, and feet. Choose from 5 levels of intensity, from light to hard.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Automatic Programs

Automatic Massage Programs

The OS-Highpointe 4D has 16 automatic programs utilizing five different massage techniques. The programs range from full body massages to targeted regions. You will have no problem finding the perfect programs that you will love.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Rollers

A good foot massage feels incredible that you can even feel it throughout your body, and the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D massage chair is here to help you. Dual reflexology rollers spin underneath your feet to take away tension and stress. The aircells help to hold your feet in place and even push down harder into the rollers. There are two speeds available.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Calf Massage

Calf Massage

Take your calf massage to a new level. Not only do you have the standard compression massage, but the airbags rotate, allowing for a kneading along the side of your calves. In addition, the backside of the legrest has massage rollers to work out those tired calves. Perfect for cyclists or runners.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D massage chair features heat in the lumbar, calves, and the front of your body. The heating shawl can be moved from your back and draped over the front of your body. Heat therapy helps to warm your core and relieves tension throughout your body.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Leg Extension

Leg Extension

The legrest extends out 8 inches to accommodate taller people. When you start your massage program, a body scan starts, and the legrest extends out and retracts to adjust to the right place. If you need to tweak the length, you can adjust it with the touchscreen remote.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Armrest Controls

Armrest Controls

On the armrest of the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D are controls to access common function. You can cycle through programs, adjust the recline, extend or retract the ottoman, zero gravity recline, power, and massage speed.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

While your body recharges, recharge your Qi equipped cell phone. The wireless charging pad is located on the armrest.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Connect your smartphone to the high quality Bluetooth speakers that are located on the sides of the headrest. Listen to the news, your favorite music, podcasts, relaxing sounds, or even audiobooks.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Intelligent Voice Control

Intelligent Voice Control

Embedded in the armrest of the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D massage chair is a microphone that will allow you to control some common features with just your voice. Over 30 different voice commands are available. So kick back and relax without having to lift a finger.

Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Touchscreen Tablet

Touchscreen Tablet

The touchscreen tablet is intuitive, just like your tablet or smartphone. The graphical interface is beautiful and easy to navigate through the various features. During your massage, it will display the time left, what the chair is during, and allow you to adjust the air and 4D intensity. Choose from English, Chinese, or Korean languages.


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