Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair


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Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair is in a league of its own. Advancements in technology allow the 4D Vario Motion massage rollers to be precise, smooth, and the closest to a humanistic massage. In addition, unique features such as the innovative Chair Doctor, next-generation microprocessors, state-of-the-art brush motors, and patented air valves allow the Master Drive to stand apart from the competition.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair


Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 4D Rollers

4D Vario Motion Rollers

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 massage chair has the most advanced 4D rollers. The 4D Vario motion massage roller has the standard movements you expect, but they are more accurate and smoother. The medical-grade silicone adds to the lifelike feel. A unique feature is that the quad-style roller can pivot, acting like a dual-head roller for an incredible neck massage and rolling along the spine. The Smart Acupuncture Point Detection targets 36 Acupuncture points for optimal spinal relief.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 SL Track

SL-Track Technology

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 massage chair uses a 54-inch long massage roller track that follows the natural shape of your spine. The L-Track allows the 4D Vario Motion roller to extend from your neck down your back and then wrap around your glutes.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 M5 GEN Microprocessors

M.6 GEN Microprocessors

The heart of the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair is the three dedicated M.6 Gen microprocessors. The new processors allow the sensors to be more accurate, function faster and learn to adapt to your body for a better-personalized massage.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are smaller but create more power with less friction and heat. This allows for quick movements while being more durable and reliable.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Chair Doctor

Chair Doctor powered by AI

The Chair Doctor uses PPG sensors to analyze your heart rate and stress levels. The GSR senses your biofeedback information, emotional state, and SPA blood oxygen levels. This information is sent to the onboard AI, which then prescribes the perfect massage for you.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Voice Controls

Voice Controls

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 massage chair works with Amazon’s Alexa voice control to give you the ability to get a massage just using your voice.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Samsung Tablet

Wired Touchscreen Tablet

Navigating through your massage programs and settings is seamless with the Touchscreen Tablet. Download the Ogawa Master Drive APP from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to control your massage chair from your phone. Then, easily adjust the massage programs or create your custom massage. Choose from 5 languages.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Automatic Programs

28 Automatic Programs

Finding your perfect massage is a breeze with 28 programs featuring Real-Life Chiropractic Techniques and detailed massage modalities that the whole family will enjoy. Customize your massage and save it with 3 Memory Settings for quick access to your specialized massage programs.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Air Compression Massage

Air Compression Massage

Air compression massage aids in circulation for faster healing and better overall health. The Mater Drive AI employs 60 air compression chambers strategically placed throughout the chair to target and release stiffness. Pressure and rotation with the airbags provide micro-adjustment of the spine for unbeatable stretching and spinal alignment. The air compression areas can be independently adjusted with five levels of intensity.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity Recline

The best place to be for massage, Zero Gravity provides a neutral spinal position, taking all weight off of the joints, for a light as air, floating on a cloud feeling. Using front sliding technology, only 3.9” is needed to recline, saving about 25% more space fully.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Leg Extension

Extendable Leg Extension

The automatic leg extension of the Master Drive 2.0 will accommodate everyone in the house with 11 inches of length adjustment. The stop sensor feels the bottom of your foot and stops for the perfect leg position.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Calf and Knee Massage

3D Calf and Knee Massage with Heat

Our knees are an important part of our bodies, yet we often take them for granted. With heated 3D knee and calf massage, pulse-type air pressure massage simulates the motions of the human hands.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Lumbar Heat

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Heat therapy enhances your massage experience. Heating elements are at the lower lumbar region of the spine, which helps relieve lower back tension and relax the underlying muscles and joints.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology improves blood circulation, promotes better sleep, relieves body pain, and improves mood. The Ogawa Mater Drive AI 2.0 employs reflexology massage rollers for the soles of the feet and pressure analysis for a more intricate foot massage, nurturing your whole body.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 M-Drive Controls

M-DRIVE Controls

Take control of the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 with the M-Drive easily to adjust your massage quickly so you can keep your relaxation going. You can modify the intensity, pause your massage, or cycle through automatic programs.


Black, Dark Brown and Sand, Emerald and Cappuccino, Gun Metal and Ivory


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Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair