Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair


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Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

Introducing the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair, a uniquely designed solution to unwind your body, alleviate stress, and enhance posture. Crafted with advanced technology and specialized therapeutic features, this chair offers comprehensive full-body massage therapy. Regular use of this chair may help alleviate stress symptoms, reduce pain, boost circulation, aid sleep, enhance flexibility, improve mental clarity, and promote relaxation.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Features

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage

3D Massage Rollers

Experience the next generation of massage with the 3D rollers in the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D massage chair. These rollers provide adjustable intensity, accommodating your preferences – from gentle massages to deep tissue therapy. Choose from five levels of intensity to suit your needs.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Recline

The Zero Gravity recline feature of the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D massage chair shifts the seat to two positions, redistributing body weight and alleviating pressure across your body, creating a sensation of weightlessness.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Enhanced by powerful airbags and foot rollers, the foot massage stimulates nerve endings on your soles, relieving tension, enhancing circulation, and revitalizing the entire body. Three distinct foot rollers cater to specific needs across various parts of your feet.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Air Compression Massage

Air Compression Massage

Incorporating 40 airbags, the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D rhythmically inflates and deflates during sessions, gently stretching muscles to release tension, improve circulation, and combat body fatigue. Airbags are strategically positioned at the shoulders, arms, thighs, calves, neck, and feet.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Automatic Programs

Automatic Programs

Choose from 9 automatic programs in the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D massage chair, each thoughtfully designed to dissolve stress and tension. These programs skillfully utilize Kneading, Knocking, Sync, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rhythm massage techniques. From deep Shiatsu for a profound experience to the gentle pillow air pressure massage in “Relax,” find tailored relaxation for every mood. Other programs like “Recovery,” “Extend,” “Refresh,” “Lower Body,” and “Upper Body” target diverse muscle groups, ensuring complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Inversion Stretch

Inversion Power Stretch

Experience full-body therapeutic stretching with the Inversion Power Stretch. This feature alleviates pressure, reduces pain, and leaves you feeling energized and flexible. Encompassing the Spinal Decompression Stretch, Neck and Shoulder Grip, and Seat Twist, it offers a comprehensive stretching experience that complements your relaxation regimen.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

Heating pads located in the lumbar area of the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D warm the back muscles, rendering them more pliable, reducing swelling, relieving pain, and enhancing circulation.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Leg Extension

Leg Extension

Designed for taller individuals, the Relax 2 Zero 3D features a spring-loaded leg extension that elongates up to 5.5 inches.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Elevate your relaxation by connecting your preferred Bluetooth device to the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D and enjoying music or guided meditation through the high-quality speakers positioned near the shoulder airbags.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Bonus Pads

Bonus Chair & Foot Pads

A 3/4 inch thick soft chair pad allows reclining without massage treatment. Additionally, included optional Foot Pads enable adjustment of foot roller pressure according to personal preference.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D

Multi-language Remote

The simple-to-use remote control offers quick access to main features via buttons, while the menu and LCD screen provide comprehensive access. Secure the controller conveniently in a pocket. Choose between English and Chinese language options.


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Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair