Sales Tax Policy

At Relax Nest Chairs, we strive to be transparent about all costs associated with your purchase. One of those potential costs is sales tax. Below is our Sales Tax Policy:

1. Collection of Sales Tax

  • As an online retailer, Relax Nest Chairs is required by law to collect sales tax on orders shipped to certain states. The tax rate applied to your order will be based on the combination of your shipping address and the specific items you purchase.

2. Tax Rate

  • The sales tax charged to your order is comprised of state and local rates. Tax rates vary by location and are determined by the delivery address associated with your order.

3. Exemptions

  • If you are purchasing on behalf of a tax-exempt organization or are an individual that qualifies for a tax exemption, please provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate. Upon validation, we will ensure that tax is not applied to your order. You can submit your tax exemption certificate to our Customer Service.

4. Changes in Tax Rates

  • Sales tax rates may change over time. We will always charge the applicable sales tax rate based on your shipping address as of the time of purchase.

5. Calculating Tax

  • The amount of tax charged on your order will be displayed at checkout once you have entered your shipping address. All prices listed on our website are exclusive of tax. The final total, including applicable taxes, will be displayed before you finalize your purchase.

6. Returns and Refunds

  • If you return an item for a refund, the sales tax you paid for that item will be refunded to you. If only a portion of the order is returned, the proportional tax will be refunded.

7. International Orders

  • For orders shipped outside of The United States Of America,  customers are responsible for all local customs, duties, and taxes. Relax Nest Chairs does not include these fees in the final purchase price or the shipping cost, as they are determined by the local jurisdiction where the product is being shipped.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need clarification regarding our Sales Tax Policy or the tax applied to your order, please reach out to our Customer Service.

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